Success Without Struggle”: Dont Break The Bank Getting Your Image Together}

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Success Without Struggle”: Dont Break the Bank Getting Your Image Together


Rowena List

Does the thought of updating/redoing or improving your image overwhelm you? Do go think youll have to sell your first born in order to pay for a new look? Here are some simple easy tips to improving your image.

Top 5 Step-By-Step Together Tips For Getting Your Image Together

Tip #1: Hair

Your crowning gloryyour hair. This is one of the quickest and most reasonable methods of updating or improving your look.

Be sure you have a hairdresser that you really respect and know. If you dont then start asking around. When you see someone with a simple, easy stylish hairdo, ask them who their hair dresser is. Women will travel a long way to go to a hairdresser they really trust.

Have a consultation first before they start to cut and colour.

Ask for a style to suit your current lifestyle. Simple, easy, fun but up to date.

Dont be afraid of something new. Thats what renewing your image is all about!

Hot Tip: If you dont like itit will always grow back.

Tip #2: Make-Up

Why is your face important? Well, you may not be looking at it all day, but others are. And no matter how much we say, it is whats inside that counts, it is human nature to take note of a persons face. So, put your best face on, every time you leave the house!

Set-up a complimentary, try-before-you-buy, skin care and makeup lesson. Mary Kay offers casual sessions, in a group or individually where you are shown which skin care products are best for you and how to apply cosmetics. You will also learn which colors are appropriate for you and which colors are in style now. You are sure to feel more confident about makeup after one or 2 lessons.

Keep in mind that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money to have a polished up-to-date look. At Getting It Together, our rule of thumb is that you do not leave home without lipstick and mascara on unless you are off to exercise class. These two cosmetic items could cost you less than $30. If you look at this over 3 months thats 35 a day!

Tip #3: Eyeglasses

Do you want to look distinguished, intelligent, funky or frumpy?

If you want to improve your image youll want to consider having the latest in eyewear. Glasses can make or break a look. This is part your image makeover that could be the most expensive. You may have to save for this one but it will be well worth it in the long run. Be sure your eyebrows are professionally shaped to suit your new look and to show off your eyes and glasses.

Hot Tip: To save money, figure out which frames you like by going to a retail store. Write down the name and model, then go online and search for online discount eyeglasses stores. The same designer brands can be purchased at a fraction of the regular price. This can also be done with contact lenses.

Tip #4: Clothes

Wardrobe is probably the biggest challenge people face in updating/redoing or improving image. The key is to start out small. Have a clearing the closet organizing session from Getting It Together or speaking with us about image.

You will want to start with clearing out the old clothes, the ones you do not wear and the ones that do not fit. Getting It Together will:

1. Speak with you in depth about what you want in your new wardrobe.

2. Show you how to mix and match what you already have.

3. Advise you on what to let go of.

4. Advise you on what you need to complete your new look.

5. Give you tips on where to shop for the look you want.

Be sure to only go clothes shopping with a trusted friend and go to a boutique or store you know and respect. We will even go shopping with you. You will save time and money in the long run. Never buy because of price. It is better to buy a few high quality items than many low quality mismatched items. And always be sure to have your lipstick on!

Tip #5: Accessories

Accessories are jewelry, purses, shoes and scarves. It is amazing how an accessory can really update a look.

Keep it simple.

Be sure your purse and shoes are in peak condition. This will finish off your look.

When in doubt leave it out.

Less is better when it comes to accessories.

Rowena List is a motivational speaker, CD author, writer, trainer and mentor in the fields of personal and business development. Her passion, energy and no-nonsense approach have made Rowena a favorite in the local media. She has appeared as a guest on City TVs Breakfast TV and has been featured in articles with The Vancouver Sun, Province, The Vancouver View Magazine, BC Business Magazine and The Burnaby News Leader. Rowena is the founder of Getting It Together

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