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By David Patullo

Have you ever thought about how quickly our lives can be fast forwarded and before we know it we are in the next year and time that we thought we had just slips us by. Because of this it becomes more and more important that there is a company that is able to provide people with what we need. National Rental Cars is a company that has always been there to support the average working person with their rental car needs. National Rental Cars may seem to be a small company but they are able to provide people with all cars that they would ever need whether it is for a vacation or that very important business meeting.

National Rental Cars has three options when it comes to renting cars, they have the economy option which the cheapest of the three for persons who are interested in renting a car but are on a budget. They are generally sedans with good gas mileage, I would ask you to envision a civic or something of that nature. The second is a hybrid car, I would recommend this car if you are going to be using the ‘unlimited mileage’ option in opposed to the limited mileage. If you are going this route with national rental cars than the hybrid car would be the best choice by far. The third choice, generally for people who are little bit well off is the luxury edition vehicles. This would entail your Mercedes S-Class or other similar vehicles. You may not get it at first but when you hop into one of these vehicles you will understand that these national rental cars are one of the best options.

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Now that we have gone through the different vehicle options allow me to explain to you the choices when it comes to coverage. You will have the choice of getting additional vehicle coverage when you rent one of these regardless of what budget you are on. Now I would not necessarily suggest getting one of these because your primary insurance policy will generally cover this but you will want to check with you insurance company before you assume that it is not.

When getting national rental cars you will also have the option to get (as mentioned before) limited mileage or unlimited mileage packages. The difference between the two may be plainly obvious but just to reiterate for some who may not understand. The limited mileage package will have a specified amount of allotted miles for you to drive and any when you return the car they will check to see how many miles you have driven, if you go over that mileage limit you will be charged a surcharged for any additional miles. If you are going to be making a small trip and you have a good idea about how many miles you are going to be driving I would recommend this package. Now if you are taking a road trip, the unlimited package is more your style.

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